About The Author

About The Author

Ashlee Alexander

This book is written by a skilled and accomplished author, Ashlee Alexander, who is an 8-year-old author of the book “Santa in a firetruck.” The book is based on the writer’s perception about this festive season, “Christmas is a festive period, and this is why we should all remember to share our joy and happiness with others.” The book delivers a positive message to its audience. In this book, the Santa can be seen helping people on a Cold December Sunday by making it a warm and pleasant one for the children.

This book is a perfect gift to your children and loved ones on Christmas Day. It shares the value and meaning of Christmas day. It is meant to be spent by helping other people and ensuring that everyone enjoys this day.

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We have the book available in three different varieties. Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover.


Santa in a firetruck is available in a high-quality eBook to offer a pleasant and cheerful time.


Perfect gift for your loved ones this winter with a paperback version.


We love the smell of a newly printed book. It makes an exclusive gifting option for your children.